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Healthy Restaurants in Dubai’s Design District

Good news for those of you wanting to eat out but trying to stick to a healthy diet...

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Healthy Restaurants in Dubai’s Design District
The design district is one of the newest outdoor retail complex’s in Dubai, specifically known for its futuristic and modern architecture, art and unique stores that can’t be found anywhere else. They also have many restaurants that each come with their own individual cuisines, so we’ve listed our three favourite healthy eating spots below.

Craft Cafe

This cafe is a neat freak’s dream as it’s meticulously organised to perfection. Located right in the heart of the Design District, it’s impossible to miss. This place doesn’t only provide delicious meals made with healthy ingredients, but an overall aura that aims to reflect creative and positive energy.

Address: Corner of Building 10, Dubai Design District

One Life Kitchen & Cafe

The motto for this cafe is to feed your soul, so naturally their mission is to prepare meals that are made with fresh, raw and natural ingredients.

Address: Unit 4، building 5, Dubai Design District


This salad bar has an interesting story for where its roots came from. First opened in London in 2005, Vincent was a fresh out of college graduate with a vision of creating a fast food place but without the negative health consequences that come with it. After the success of the London branch, the brand was able to expand and reach its international recognition. The motto for this place is all about providing a balanced diet to customers, equipped with all the veggies, protein and carbs we need.

Address: Ground floor, Building 5, Dubai Design District