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Free outdoor cinema at Downtown Eats

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Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Free outdoor cinema at Downtown Eats
The winter months are all about appreciating the outdoor weather as much as possible, because we all know that temperatures start rising quite rapidly towards the end of February!

Over the past two weeks, some of you might have noticed people having cozy movie nights in the Downtown area, right? Well, Downtown Eats have reserved a spot on the Boulevard and transformed it into a little outdoor cinema, equipped with food trucks to satisfy all of our movie snack cravings, comfy bean bag chairs and a massive projector screen to complete the whole experience.

Going to an outdoor cinema is like the ultimate old school activity, its been used as a date night in all of the popular chick flicks from the 80-90s which means nostalgia is in the air! Ready for the best part? You’ve probably guessed it from the title of this article, but yes, you don’t need any tickets to catch a movie as its all completely free! The pro tip we can give you is to plan in advance so that you have plenty of time to get a spot and snacks before the movie starts. We’ve added the movie schedule from today until February 7th, although the event will continue until March 15th.

Location: The Boulevard, Downtown Dubai

31 Jan: Toy Story 1 (6pm), Toy Story 2 (8pm), Toy Story 3 (10pm)
1 Feb: Sing (6pm), The Emoji Movie (8pm), Pete’s Dragon (10pm)
2 Feb: The Croods (6pm), Zootropolis (8pm), Tomorrowland (10pm)
3 Feb: Tangled (6pm), Wreck it Ralph (8pm), Ghostbuster (10pm)
4 Feb: Monsters University (6pm), Frozen (8pm), Thor the Dark World (10pm)
5 Feb: Ratatouille (6pm), Moana (8pm), Iron Man 3 (10pm)
6 Feb: Dr. Seuss The Lorax (6pm), Meet the Robinsons (8pm), Happy Feet 2 (10pm)
7 Feb: Despicable Me 1 (6pm), Angry Birds Movie (8pm), The Jungle Book (10pm)