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Dubai’s burger spots that you need to try

At the end of the day, a burger & fries never dissapoints.

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Dubai’s burger spots that you need to try

Burger & fries are a staple food item on the menu in most restaurants, and usually it’s hard to mess them up. However, there’s a few spots in Dubai that are our absolute favourite that everyone should know about…

Shake Shack

Shake Shack’s history started in 2004, when a kiosk was opened in a park in Manhattan. Gaining instant popularity within the city, it expanded to different locations until it ultimately became a franchise and grew internationally. Their menu has quite a few options to choose from, including a variety of burgers (our favourite is a simple cheeseburger), hot dogs, fries (we only choose plain), shakes (these are delicious but very filling) and frozen custards (our favourite is red velvet).

Five Guys

Five Guys is one of those burger chains that have rapidly gained popularity internationally over the past couple of years, those who know their burgers will swear down that they’re the best and this chain sorta gathers a cult like following. Their menu ranges from simple burgers that can be customized with as many free extra ingredients as you want, kosher hot dogs, shakes, french fries (try the cajun style) and even some veggie friendly options like grilled cheese (we recommend this for the vegetarians out there). One of their quirks is that they offer free in-shell peanuts for any customers (perfect little snack as you wait in line) and free re-fills of any drinks!

Black Tap

You might recognize this restaurant for their decadent milkshakes, but we’re here to tell you that they actually have an extensive menu with award winning New York style burgers and other things such as wings, craft beers, etc. Come here with a massive apetite and an empty stomach because the portions are absolutely massive, but it’s a must try for any foodie!


One of the more unique spots, Salt started out as a little food truck on Kite Beach, with one main focus in mind: a simple menu with tasty, fresh ingredients. It started gaining popularity from the crowds that frequented kite beach, so they decided to take the concept one step further and expand to a beach house resort where all “SALTERS” can enjoy good food and good people. Check out their menu for a taste of what you can expect!

Blaze Burgers

Very simple concept for this Dubai based chain, good burgers, fresh ingredients and a great vibe for everyone to enjoy!

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Blaze Gourmet Wagyu made of the right meat blend!

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