Spotted: Heart Shaped Lake in Dubai

It's actually a thing!
Dubai is no stranger to man-made creations and at the rate that they show up overnight, none of us can say we’re surprised anymore. Either way, it’s always exciting to see the latest thing and this week couldn’t be cuter:

As you can probably guess from the title, you can now find two man-made lakes that intertwine together as hearts. To break the announcement, the Crown Prince of Dubai posted a picture of the lakes with the caption “To all of you”. The image is clearly an appreciate for the people of the city and what sweeter way to convey it than by having it permanently visible on earth! Check out the Instagram below:

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To all of you ❤️

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On first glance, it sort of looks like the word Love is written out on the sand, but when you actually visit the place you’ll see that it’s several trees planted in such a way so that the word is visible from above. If you want to pay it a visit yourself, it’s very easy to find as you’ll see signs pointing you in the direction around Al Qudra. What a spot for the perfect drone shot, right?! It’s even visible from a satellite view:

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