Dubai Fitness Challenge Returns

You have until October 26th to mentally prepare!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

Dubai Fitness Challenge Returns
The Fitness Challenge has one goal in mind – turn Dubai into the most active city in the world. Is this a goal you think you can get behind? Then here’s what you need to know…

The Dubai Fitness Challenge (DFC) is taking place for a whole month from the 26/10 to 24/11, so if you’re a fitness junkie then get ready to be as active as possible. What does the DFC include, you ask? Well it’s actually quite simple, they ask residents of the city to commit to 30 mins of excersize a day for 30 days straight. For those of you who love getting in some exercise during their everyday schedule, then this will be a piece of cake! For those of us who are always waiting for the next Monday to start our ~healthy lifestyle~ this is the opportunity we’ve been waiting for!

One whole month of 30 minute excercise (maybe even more if you’re up for it) and you’ll be held accountable by the whole city (slightly ambitious perhaps?) so no more excuses! This amazing initiative first started last year by Dubai’s Crown Prince with the aim of transforming Dubai into one of the most active cities in the world. For those of you that can get behind this challenge, you’ll be amongst the other million people, so join in and #Dubai30X30 on any social media posts of your journey!

There’s plenty of upcoming announcements regarding classes, events and other fitness related activities so make sure you keep up with their instagram/website for everything you need to know!

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The Dubai Fitness Challenge 2018 new dates are 26 October – 24 November to provide an even more action-packed program of free events, activities and fitness classes across the city! Are you ready to take the challenge to make Dubai the most active city in the world? #Dubai30x30 يعود تحدي دبي للياقة بموعد جديد إبتداءً من 26 أكتوبر حتى 24 نوفمبر مع باقة مميزة من الفعاليات والأنشطة ودروس اللياقة المختلفة في جميع أنحاء المدينة! هل أنتم مستعدون للتحدي لجعل دبي المدينة الأكثر نشاطا في العالم؟ #تحدي_دبي_للياقة

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