Vogue Loves Fashion Avenue is Almost Over

Have you checked out the celebration at Dubai Mall?

Dubai Mall can definitely seem like an overwhelming and daunting experience if you don’t have your bearings around the place yet, but instead of letting that discourage you, just check out our helpful guide that provides all the necessary information that any newbie could ever need. We’re big fans of this mall in particular because it has the craziest selection of brands, activities, restaurants and more – you could spend a whole day here without having to go anywhere else. There’s also usually some kind of pop up or exhibit taking place on the ground floor and the Vogue Arabia event is the latest one.

Since November 15th, the iconic magazine has scheduled celebrity appearances (even from the queen Naomi Campbell herself), panel discussions and masterclasses from renowned experts in the fashion industry such as influencers, stylists and more. Hopefully, you haven’t missed out on the past week, because unfortunately, tomorrow is the last day. You still have the chance to listen in on the panel about young Arab designers and their journey to recognition tonight at 7 pm. Also, if you’re a fan of Nancy Arjam then make sure you don’t miss the little concert she’s having at 7pm on the 23rd to end the anniversary celebrations. There’s plenty of other installations and activities taking place around the Mall, so keep your eyes peeled!

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