Dubai Will Have Its Own Chinatown

A chance to explore a beautiful culture without having to actually visit China
Dubai is joining the list of cities like New York, London and Melbourne that all have their very own Chinatown area. Emaar has announced that this new development will be the largest Chinatown in the Middle East.

The new area will be built within one of the city’s newest projects, the ever expanding Dubai Creek Harbour. This announcement coincided with the monumental visit of China’s President earlier in July.

The picture below is what Emaar has released so far in regards to what the space will look like. Not quite the same as the open streets of New York with red lanterns draped above, but we’ve got to give it to Dubai for knowing its style and sticking to it.

For Chinese locals, one of the best parts about this place will be that many of the country’s top brands will be available, amongst other international brands that tourists enjoy to shop at. For those of you who’ve lived in Dubai for a while, you probably know Dragon Mart… that shopping mall you go to when you’re looking to bargain and buy for cheap. These two establishments seem to be most similar in terms of products, brands and prices, so will likely compete to attract customers.

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