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A New VOX Rooftop Cinema That’s Licensced Has Opened in Dubai

Drinks, fresh air and movies...what more could you want?

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

A New VOX Rooftop Cinema That’s Licensced Has Opened in Dubai
Located at the Aloft City Centre Deira, VOX has just opened a brand new branch of their cinemas – a rooftop movie threatre… sounds like the perfect activity as we’re slowly leaving the heat of Dubai’s summer.

You might have noticed from the title that we included one of everyone’s favourite words here in the city and yes this cinema is licensced. Meaning you can order whatever alcoholic beverage your heart desires… bring on the cocktails!

Before you get sad because it’s still too¬† hot to sit outside for over 90 minutes watching a movie, VOX has thoroguhly prepared for such a situation and built in a rectractable roof especially for times like these. As you can see from the picture below, the chairs are no ordinary threatre chairs but rather include a variation of lounge sofas, beds and comfortable arm chairs. Oh and since it’s at a hotel, there’s also an infinity pool for all the avid swimmers out there.

Tickets are priced at 75 AED for one person and 150 AED for seats suitable for a couple, book them here. Once the weather finally starts cooling down and it might get chilly (hard to believe, right?!) the open-air cinema will be equipped with blankies to keep everyone nice and cozy. Also, no need to wait in line for any snacks, waiters will come straight to you to take your order.

We’re convinced, are you?