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5 Ice Cream Places to Get You Through the Dubai Summer

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!

Tamilla Dowse Tamilla Dowse

5 Ice Cream Places to Get You Through the Dubai Summer
Although we’re firm believers that ice cream is acceptable in any season, there’s no denying that it’s especially tempting in the summer months. So we’ve listed our five fave places that’ll definitely hit the spot!

Cold Stone Creamery

This place is the ultimate treat, not only are there a ton of funky flavours to choose from like cake batter, marshmallow and peanut butter for example, their speciality is how they make delicious unique combinations of flavours, sprinkles and syrup. Check out their menu for their signature creations or if you’re feeling extra creative, you could always give it a go yourself. The servers are also super entertaining to watch as they pretty much put on a show whilst scooping your ice cream. Our favourite is Birthday Cake Remix and yes, it tastes as good as it sounds!


What’s better than some good ol’ italian gelato? Amorino is the real deal, what started as a tiny Italian gelato shop has now expanded internationally to almost every continent. Here you won’t find anything over the top or crazy, the flavours are pretty standard; chocolate (our fave), coffee, raspberry sorbet, etc. but they are all equally yummy. As you can see from the picture below, they also scoop the flavours into a beautiful rose shape.

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Gelateria #amorino é um desses lugares que precisar entrar na nossa #wishlist .Fundada em 2002 por dois amigos, essa gelateria encanta pelo sabor, criado com ingredientes orgânicos e especialmente pela sua linda forma de servir. O sorvete vem servido em forma de flor 🌹, com uma espátula especial, cada sabor é colocado como se fosse uma pétala, ou seja, cada pétala pode ser de um sabor diferente. Da pra provar até 5 sabores em uma mesma casquinha. Suas lojas estão espalhadas por 13 países em 4 continentes. Tem loja na Itália, Espanha, Dubai, EUA e muitos outros. Infelizmente ainda não temos lojas no Brasil. Veja se tem gelateria Amorino em seu próximo destino e se encante com essa nova forma de tomar seu gelato. . . #amelhorviageméasua #dreamtravelbr #viagemdossonhos #instatravel #viajantes #viagemadois #viagememfamilia #vocesabiadadream #topdestinos #bestvacations #apaixonadosporviagem #missaovt #meusroteirosdeviagens #viajarfazvem #destinosimperdiveis #viajar #viajando #travel #trips #turismo #topdestinos #instatravel #amorinogelato

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Mr. Frost Ice Cream Rolls

Scooped ice cream is all well and good, but have you ever tried Thai style rolled ice cream? Not only is it satisfying and interesting to watch, it also tastes amazing. Mr Frost’s always goes the extra mile and adds some whipped cream and any toppings of your choice. You’ve got to try this type of ice cream at least once!

Ice Cream Lab

The below picture features a cup with nutella (yep you read right) flavour ice cream, mini marshmallows and butter biscuits. Check out what others have posted from the ice cream lab and you’ll be convinced to try it, not just because it looks good but as its name suggests; the place is modelled after a laboratory so you get to see first hand as they make ice cream right in front of you!

Unicorn Vibes Sweets

With a name like this one, does it really take much more convincing? As anything with the word unicorn in it, you can definitely expect lots of pink, sparkles and an overall pretty aesthetic. This is the place to come if you want to polish up your instagram with some super cute shots of the shop and whatever unicorn themed ice cream you end up getting (see the picture below for some inspiration).